Eye Brows                                       15+

Lip/Chin/Ear                                   10+

Face                                                 35+

Underarm                                        20+

Cheek                                              17+

Chest                                           33+

Back                                            43+


  Side Burns                                 17+

 Bikini                                           30+

Half Arms/Full Arms            23/33+

Half Legs/Full Legs              38/48+

Brazilian                                        45+


Classic Pedicure $30 (total 7 mins massage)

Nails and cuticle care, sugar foot scrub, warm organic lotion massage, hot towel and choice of lacquer

Callus Treatment $36 (total 7 mins massage)

Callus treatment and finishing with sugar foot scrub

Warm organic lotion massage and hot towel 

Please note:
 We use disposable Pumice Stones to remove calluses
Calluses or cracked feet can’t be treated completely in one time service. 


Deluxe Pedicure $40 (total 12 mins massage)

Callus Treatment  

Sugar exfoliation or Soothing mask 

Basalt hot stones massage with organic lotion 

Organic Pedicure $50 (total 25 mins massage)

Callus Treatment 

Exfoliating with organic Sugar scrub 

Soothing Massage with organic Mask 

Massage with Basalt hot stones and organic lotion 

Collagen Pedicure $58 (total 35 mins massage)

Callus Treatment

Organic Sugar Exfoliation 

Organic Soothing Mask 

Basalt hot stones massage with warm lotion 

Collagen massage after Collagen socks for elasticity and hydration!

Herbal Pedicure $68 (40 mins massage)

Callus Treatment

Mineral Bubble Gel Soaking

Herbal Exfoliating Scrub

Herbal Mask

Hot Basalt Stones Massage with Herbal Oil

Herbal Moisturizing Lotion

Paraffin Wax or Collagen socks

We have several scents and recipes you can choose from!
Recommended recipes

Classic Manicure: $18 (w/gel $38)
Hand soak, nail and cuticle care, organic warm lotion massage, hot towels


Deluxe Organic Manicure: $30 – 10 mins massage (w/gel $47)

Hand soak with adding essential oil scents. 

Nails and cuticle care. 

Organic exfoliate and mask. Organic hot lotion massage, hot towel. 


Signature manicure: $38 – 15 mins massage (w/gel $55)
Hand soak with adding essential oil scent. 

Nails and cuticle care. 

Organic exfoliation and soothing mask.

Organic hot lotion massage. 

Nourishing hand wrap treatment rich in Keratin to increase skin elasticity and hydration. 



Ultimate Herbal Manicure $48 (w/gel $65)

With your choice of custom made herbal product from our menu of herbs, this service include:

Hands soak

Nail and cuticle care

Herbal exfoliating and smoothing mask

Basalt hot stone massage

Paraffin treatment or keratin gloves

*Herbal scent and benefits are in pedicure package*


FULLSET W/GEL                                             50

FULL SET W/POLISH                                     45

FULLSET W/COLOR POWDER                      55

FILL W/GEL                                                      40

FILL W/POLISH                                               35

FILL W/COLOR POWDER                               45

OMBRE NEW SET                                            60

OMBRE FILL                                                     50


NATURAL NAILS                                            47

EXTENSION TIPS                                           52

OMBRE ADD ON                                               8

GEL-EXTENTION (GEL-X)                              63

(NO FEE for soak-off or any length, shape)                                                                  


NEW SET W/GEL POLISH                              60

FILL W/GEL POLISH                                        50


NEW SET                                                           60

FILL                                                                    50


NAIL DESIGNS                                                 6+

FRENCH                                                             7

REGULAR POLISH CHANGE                         11

GEL POLISH CHANGE                                   28


About US

Located in one of the San Diego’s most beautiful communities. You will find an enriching experience of relaxation and rejuvenation.

More than 10 years of services to this community. Ivy Nails Lounge and Nailology will continue to offer many luxurious spa pedicures, manicures, and waxing to personalized nails and skin to suit your need. You will be served by a member of the friendly, dedicated and professional staffs.

Clients may also be assured that in additional to California State Board sanitation requirements we sterilize our instruments in a high-pressure steam autoclave.

Customer Review

I won't go anywhere else. I found Rachel at Ivy Nails over a year ago and have even followed her to her newest salon (Nailology). She is a true artist in the way she shapes the nail and paints/designs each one.
Sara B.
I always have a great experience when I go here and my gel manicure literally lasts 3 weeks! The ladies who work here do a phenomenal job and actually care for how your nails come out. The salon is clean and relaxing and everyone is nice!
Erika H.
Went in as walk-ins, the staff were super sweet and accommodating and got the two of us started right away. awesome sugar foot scrub, massage and great paint job. they really took their time and made it a very nice experience!
Margy R.
I'm picky about nail salons. Not necessarily the environment but the way my nails look and hold up. I've been here twice now and both times showed a photo and they were able to recreate it. Staff is pleasant, accommodating & very detailed including the shapes.
Abbi H.
Ivy Nails Lounge

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